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Item Name

[Bandai] Soul of Chogokin : GX-01R Mazinger Z (Renewal Version) -Soul of Chogokin- [Bandai]

Item Code



200x230x75mm/7.9x9.1x3.0inch(Depth x Width x Height)


743.6 (g)

Japanese Retail Value:

US$ 69.39



''For Adult Collectors with a playful heart like a boy...''

Bandai has released a cool die cast and full-posing Mazinger Z!
You will be amazing by his solid look and the metalic feeling of the
upper arms and legs. His face sculpture is indeed vivid and nice looking.

This comes with three different kinds of arms, one with blades, one with
opening drill missile, and regular arms. Not only usual gimmicks but this
renewal version has more metalic components, making the body look so cool!
Another great feature about GX-01R is that his missiles for the stomach
actually fire! You can take off the stomach plate and put the missile in,
when press the hidden bottom at his right waist, boom!!
Jetscrander is another key feature of this set. The wings can be adjusted
up and down freely, and it can be attached to his waist tightly. (JAN:118271)

Packaging Details:

Display Box

Styles, Colors & Shapes:

Comes in the colors and styles shown in the picture.


For ages 15 and up.

Regular Order:

Our Low Price:  66.61 US$/unit ⇒4.0% OFF the Japanese retail value!

Minimum Order: 1 unit Discontinued

Case Size Order:

Our Low Price:  55.68 US$/unit ⇒19.8% OFF the Japanese retail value!

Units/Case: 12 units

Case Price: 
668.16 US$/case


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