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Revoltech Toki Action Figure - Fist of North Star Revolution 005 [Kaiyodo/Hobby Stock]

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215x140x65mm/8.5x5.5x2.6inch(Depth x Width x Height)


201 (g)

Japanese Retail Value:

US$ 27.28


[Fist of the North Star](JAN:004040)

Packaging Details:


Styles, Colors & Shapes:




Regular Order:

Our Low Price:  27.83 US$/unit ⇒-2.0% OFF the Japanese retail value!

Minimum Order: 1 unit Out of Stock

Case Size Order:

Our Low Price:  23.36 US$/unit ⇒14.4% OFF the Japanese retail value!

Units/Case: 12 units

Case Price: 
280.32 US$/case
Out of Stock


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