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From German High Quality BBQ Grill Vogtlandgrill-Classic

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430x850mm/16.9x33.5inch(Diameter x Height, Grill)


7000 (g)

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The multifunction grill “Vogtlandgrill” made by Steininger is an environmental friendly and very economical charcoal grill. It is 100% made in Germany. The grill body is made of food grade stainless steel with the grill surface made of chrome steel for better cleaning. Clever technology, optimized functionality and a work surface height of 85 cm make the grilling experience a very enjoyable one.
The difference in between the model Classic and Rundo is the different grill base.
To light the grill fire, you only need a double newspaper page and after 10 minutes the charcoal is ready for action.
The grilling heat is controlled by opening and closing of the combustion air supply controls at the bottom of the grill base.

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