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Apple: Feel Nostalgic! Diecast and Plastic "Tin Toy Robot" Without Candy (10 pcs) at Random Selection ON SALE!(around 6-9 kinds random assorted, no claim no return)

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450x320x180mm/17.7x12.6x7.1inch(Length x Depth x Height, 12pcs Box)


70 (g)

Japanese Retail Value:

US$ 4.27


This is the Give-Away Robots coming from the candy toy, named "Nostalgic Robot Tin Toy Robot"
which was offered by Apple company in 2005. There are about 10 different models to collect in total.
(You can't choose any specific model, all assorted by the manufacture's selection at the factory
about 6-9 kinds are assorted.)

All models are from the authentic Robot which was sold in Japan's Golden age, Showa era,
which is the prime time for Tin toys in Japan. Robot comes in a miniature size, stands at 80mm.
Diecast and Plastic. Simple gimmick only with rotating arms. No battery operated nor wind-up gimmick.

Apple company has stopped business for now, so there're no more re-production.
Please get yours as soon as possible before the stock's gone.

Packaging Details:


Styles, Colors & Shapes:

Package includes 12 Robots with a random assortments by the manufacture's selection.



Regular Order:

Our Low Price:  1.48 US$/unit ⇒65.3% OFF the Japanese retail value!

Minimum Order: 12 unit


Case Size Order:

Our Low Price:  1.27 US$/unit ⇒70.2% OFF the Japanese retail value!

Units/Case: 144 units

Case Price: 
182.88 US$/case



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