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We only work with reliable and trusted suppliers and partners;  however, it can happen that pre-ordered items do not arrive in time or in sufficient quantities.  Situations like this, which are somewhat typical to the Japanese toy market, are beyond our control and we ask you for you understanding should that ever happen to your pre-order.  You can be assured that we do everything possible so that you can receive your pre-ordered items on-time and in the desired quantities.

You cannot combine different items in a single pre-order or combine a pre-order with a regular order.  We will ship pre-ordered items as they arrive in our warehouse;  we will not combine different pre-ordered items and than ship them together.

We will charge a down payment of 35% of the total product value.  Only after receiving your deposit we can confirm your pre-order status.

If you decided to cancel or to downsize your pre-order after it is confirmed, we reserve the right to convert the downpayment into a cancellation fee.

Shipping costs are occasionally inaccurate at the time of pre-order placement; we reserve the right to adjust shipping costs according to the actual shipping weight once the pre-ordered items arrive in our warehouse.

Product costs may be slightly adjusted at the time the items arrive in our warehouse because of exchange rate fluctuations.

Due to manufacturers regulations, the actual item may differ slightly from what the images show.

Item Name

[TakaraTomy] Transformers Kingdom War Cybertron KD-20 Waspinator

Item Code


Pre-Order & Shipping

Estimated Shipping Date:end of Jun

Pre-Order Deadline:6/10

(Depending on the manufacturers decisions, this information could change without notice.)





Japanese Retail Value:

US$ 35.96



Packaging Details:


Styles, Colors & Shapes:




Regular Quantity

Our Low Price:  26.49 US$/unit ⇒26.3% OFF the Japanese retail value!

Minimum Order: 2 unit 

Preorder is now processing(Preorder Closed)

Large Quantity

Our Low Price:  25.71 US$/unit ⇒28.5% OFF the Japanese retail value!

Units/Case: 6 units

Case Price: 
154.26 US$/case

Preorder is now processing(Preorder Closed)


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