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Due to manufacturers regulations, the actual item may differ slightly from what the images show.

Item Name

50yen value x 80pcs+5 Colorful Badminton - Party Idea !! Draw a Lottery and See ! Happy Raffle Game

Item Code



665x410mm/26.2x16.1inch(Depth x Width)


2000 (g)

Japanese Retail Value:

US$ 44.94


Great Party Idea !! Just raffle by turns and see what you get !! Really amusing
for both small children and grownups! Perfect favor at birthday, school event,
family party and more! Have fun with these unique Japanese "Prize Game"!!

Package contains;
Various toys featuring pretty attractive character toys including keychains,
phone strap and so on like shown in the picture. These are with
a set of numbers from 1 to 80. All toys are so attractive that they would
really encourage your party atmosphere!! Comes with extra three to five
toys as a bonus!!

-- How to play --
First, tear off the provided Number Lottery by the perforated tabs.
And the children or guests will take turns to draw a lottery number,
then claim the prize corresponding to that number. Very fun and exciting !!

- For wholesaler ;
Each toy in this pack is worth 50yen at retail price, so you can charge your
customers around 30cents with each draw. You will get the package at less
price than the total actual value of all items. Do not miss these great bargain !!
These cute dinosaur eggs will definitely entertain your children !!
Comes with a Number Lottery.

Packaging Details:

All 80 items are suspended on a display cardboard. Each prize
item has a number on it.
The prizes for this raffle game change frequently, so when we
receive your order, the prizes may be different from those shown.

Styles, Colors & Shapes:




Regular Order:

Our Low Price:  32.13 US$/unit ⇒28.5% OFF the Japanese retail value!

Minimum Order: 1 unit


Case Size Order:

Our Low Price:  29.66 US$/unit ⇒34.0% OFF the Japanese retail value!

Units/Case: 10 units

Case Price: 
296.6 US$/case



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