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Due to manufacturers regulations, the actual item may differ slightly from what the images show.

Item Name

(Metal House) Screen (TV) Robot Battery Operated Tin Toy -Made in Japan- (3-5 month to be in stock)

Item Code





950 (g)

Japanese Retail Value:

US$ 160.51



Featuring cool Tin Robot from Metal House!
Approximately 12 inches tall.

It walks a few steps, then after a rat-a-tat sound the TV
turns on for a few seconds. Then it starts all over again.

Right in the center of the torso is a large, plastic screen that
the "TV" images are projected on. The picture of Space!

A valuable addition to any toy collection.
Batteries Required (Not Provided)

Please noted for Availability

This is the special product like the manufacture will start to make a production
right after we place the order to them, so it may take around for 3-5 month to be
in stock at our store.
If you can wait for it, please kindly finish your order online.

We require the over 50% Deposit when you place the order.

There is a situation that the manufacture will finish the production of this robot by the reason special parts is missing,
in this situation, we will refound your deposit.

Thank you.

Packaging Details:

Display Box

Styles, Colors & Shapes:

Comes in the colors and styles shown in the picture.



Regular Order:

Our Low Price:  135.37 US$/unit ⇒15.7% OFF the Japanese retail value!

Minimum Order: 1 unit Discontinued

Case Size Order:

No whole box order discount.


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