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Item Name

Water Balloon - with clips (100pcs)

Item Code





300 (g)

Japanese Retail Value:

US$ 17.98


Very popular games in stalls on Japanese summer time festival.
Set contains a 100 count bag of balloons, a 100 count bag of Rubber Band,
a 100 count bag of Small Clips, a Clip Tool.
You can offer YoYo's individually or sell the kit to the parents and
they can make their own.

Fill "Yo-Yo Balloons" 1/2 and 1/2 with water. You use a clip tool to seal
them, rather than tying them off!! Stretch the balloon neck and twist while
pushing down on the clip. A long elastic with a loop on one end for a finger
can be attached to the neck of the tiled, inflated baloon.
When thrown down, the water in the balloon pulls down while the elastic brings
it back up, insuring this "Yo-Yo"to ALWAYS return!

How to scoop "Yo-Yo" Balloons!

Make a Paper "Fishing Pole" with a paper strip and a small hook.
(hang the hook on the half-length of the paper, and then twist the paper
first, around the hook, then towards the end of the paper, so it will become
a string) That 's all. And you can take turns scooping something like cute goldfish
float around a pool of blue. Kids try to "catch" them with paper strip to win a
prize matching the number on the fish or just for fun.
Sounds interesting ? Good Luck!!

(see the items, Z-017 & Z-018, sold separately)

Packaging Details:

Comes in a nylon package per set

Styles, Colors & Shapes:

Refer to the assortment of colors and figures
on the picture.


Comes complete with 20 YoYo Balloons, 20 Clips, 20 Strings Micro Piston pump, mini Clip Fixture and how to assemble the yo yo balloons.

Regular Order:

Our Low Price:  12.36 US$/unit ⇒31.3% OFF the Japanese retail value!

Minimum Order: 1 unit


Case Size Order:

Our Low Price:  9.89 US$/unit ⇒45.0% OFF the Japanese retail value!

Units/Case: 50 units

Case Price: 
494.5 US$/case



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